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Doors and Details by Zulmira

Doors Of Porto | by Zulmira: Bienvenue

Leonardo Da Vinci

“Details make perfection,

and perfection is not a detail.”

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Doors and Details by Zulmira

Porto city is full of details, which makes it so unique, attractive, and beautiful.

​My old passion for all these amazing details started once still a child when visiting it for health reasons. I couldn't stop looking all around and feel so hypnotized and marveled by all the art in the simplest details.

Later, and as a local citizen, all the accumulating files during the years turned into this original, personal, and unique project. 

The art creation is inspired by all the iron designs and details that we can find in each facade, doors, windows, balconies of this amazing city, expressing it through photography, decoration, textile print work, and painting.

Stay tuned for news. 

​Porto is a city of old architecture.
Its heritage, culture, and identity are the mirrors of itself.
Porto is a dazzling spectacle for those fascinated by old buildings. Roman, gothic, baroque, or contemporary art, here all styles come together.

All these styles are my inspiration and I hope to be honoring and perpetuating them. 

Thank you for your support.


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Merci pour votre envoi !

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